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What’s going on my fellow metal zombies? First things first, I know I’m a terrible human being for leaving you all for so long. I’m actually so surprised that this site still gets any traffic at all. But, those of you that do check in obviously like what I do and I’m here to tell you this isn’t the end. 

I actually have big plans for this blog, I want to evolve it into something much more prestigious and polished, but obviously this all takes time and effort. I’ve had a lot going on over the summer like work and shit, and now that I’m back at university I’m looking to get back into my blogging because at the end of the day it is what I love to do.

Whilst I’ve been pretty inactive on this old girl, have any of you checked out my work for mosh.hitthefloor.com? They’re a great bunch and have given me some brilliant opportunities, I’ve interviewed bands like Architects, The Amity Affliction, Zebrahead, Bowling For Soup and got to attend events as press, how cool is that?!

But yeah, back to the plan. I’m going to start working on something big. I have friends who can help me evolve my brand and I’m even considering involving a YouTube channel to upload some varied content. What do you think? Would you dig it? Tweet me @mosherluke and we can all chat about it. As always I’m so grateful to all of you who read my posts, and hopefully we can all stick together and make our own little MoshNet community. Peace to you dudes, stay metal \m/



What’s up my people?! Obviously this is quite a delayed post, but sue me I’ve actually been really busy with other things like exams and shit, so they’ve been my main priority. It’s not all boring stuff though, I did go and see the mighty Slipknot last week, and it was fucking incredible.

As I’m sure you already know, I’m a massive Slipknot fan. Since the new album .5: The Gray Chapter dropped last year, the Knot have been a huge part of my daily life without fail, I simple can’t get enough of them, it’s like an addiction. The last time I saw Slipknot live prior to last week was at Download Festival 2013 and to be honest it wasn’t the best show of their career. Corey’s vocals were off, I mean the guy was ill it wasn’t his fault, although he did fuck up majorly on ‘Dead Memories’, also the bands overall chemistry just seemed off. Jim and Mick were surprisingly stationary throughout the show, even  Clown and Sid were pretty tame. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the show, but watching it back I knew I’d missed out on Slipknot’s full potential. Fear not though my friends, last week they delivered, and they delivered hard!

But before we talk about them, let’s not forget that there were two other acts at the show, Korn and King 810, lets talk about the latter first…

I’m going to make this very clear, I did not like King 810. Their atmosphere was shit, the “mosh pit” was frankly embarrassing. Full of spin kicking little twats, who seemed to disappear when the real heavy came out, posers. However, the final nail for me was the fucking bass player. Eugene Gill, you my friend are an asshole. We all saw you being a ‘badman’ and a total bell end to your roadie, must’ve made you feel pretty special being a total cock slap in front of thousands of fans who granted, like to go fucking apeshit, but we look out for each other. You’re just a dick.

Now that the elephant from Murdertown is out of the room, let’s get positive.

Korn smashed it! I’d never seen Korn live before, and to be honest I’d never really experienced their music a great deal. Except for the endless amount of times Kerrang TV play ‘Freak on a Leash’. Honestly though they blew me away! Jonathan Davis is definitely one of the best live vocalists I’ve seen, period. Personal highlights of their set would be: ‘Falling Away From Me’, ‘Love & Meth’ and ‘Shoots and Ladders’. I mean come on dude, bagpipes at fucking heavy metal show, that’s gnarly as hell! I definitely hope I get to see the opportunity to see Korn again in the near future because they were fucking on point all night! Big ups to you boys you earned it. Below you find some footage I took of Korn performing ‘Twist’, it’s not much but it’s all I got. I got lost in the mosh, my bad.

Finally, we’re at the big time! Slipknot.

Fuck me guys, when they were setting up the stage so, myself and the lads I was with found ourselves smack bang in the middle of the death zone. The crowd had doubled since we arrived and there was no way we were escaping. I was being a little bitch and panicking. I’d seen Slipknot before and been in the pits, but that was outside man! The arena was so hot and sweaty, I swear I could feel deaths embrace. But that was it, the music stopped. The lights went out. The thousands of Maggots behind me roared. Fuck. It’s happening.

Opening with ‘XIX’ which lead into new banger ‘Sarcastrophe’, it was immediately clear that Slipknot where on fucking top form that night. This was also the first time I got to experience the two new members live also and honestly, with all respect to Paul and Joeythey were fantastic. Both of them had so much energy and they played brilliantly too. In fact the whole band had energy, they were clearly loving it as much as we all were, Corey’s vocals were raw and powerful. Mick and Jim absolutely shredded those guitars. Chris and Clown on percussion were fantastic, they rode the shit out of those hydraulic lifts. Sid was jumping around like crazy as usual. Even 133 was going mental, it was fucking awesome. The most pits were incredible, terrifying at first but you just gotta embrace it you know? I got smacked into pretty heavy a fair few times, but the best thing is that the crowd look after each other, they keep each other safe.

Slipknot played some real heavy shit that night. ‘Eyeless’‘People = Shit’, ‘The Negative One’‘My Plague’, ‘Surfacing’ ugh the list is just too long. The brought the fucking house down. January 19th 2015 was quite possibly one of the best rock shows of my life, I’d been waiting for months and months for my tickets to arrive and the wait made the final result that that much sweeter. Hearing Corey Taylor say that they’ll be back in Newcastle sooner than we think too was also a major heavy metal cock tease.

I managed to take some footage of ‘Custer’, ‘People = Shit’ and ‘Surfacing’ in between pits! check them out below! That’s all from me for now, I’ll try not to leave it as long till my next post this time, hopefully uni isn’t as busy this semester! Keep a look out for more live music pieces in the coming months, I have shit loads of gigs to go to! Stay Metal!





Once again my friends, the power of the Internet has made it possible for me to connect with more bands! This time round it’s Torous from sunny Birmingham UK. Get the fuck in, more Brits!

Frontman Marc Malone contacted me on Twitter asking if I could check out his bands material and run it through the old MoshNet school of scrutiny, obviously I was game and these dudes rock.

Torous have labelled themselves a celtic hard rock band which immediately got me interested, I love niche genres they’re so fucking cool. Alestorm, Nightwish, even Rammstein to an extent with their heavy industrial sound all have that little bit more to give, and Torous are the same. They have that unique flair that lets them stand out from the crowd you know? And personally I fucking love it.

So lets talk about some tunes…

Official artwork for "Tolerate X"

Official artwork for “Tolerate X”

Torous have three singles currently on their Soundcloud (which I’ll leave a link to at the bottom) and they’re all top class fucking bangers, like seriously top notch.

First, We’ve got Tolerate X a beautiful display of huge meaty heavy metal riffs and melodic vocal work! Honestly, if Iron Maiden and Disturbed had a baby this is what you get. It’s fucking godly! This song kicks so much ass, at 2:28 when that solo kicks in with those mental drum fills all I wanted to do was just let loose and embrace the head bang. I want to see these guys live at some point just to go wild at this song, lads get your asses up north!!

Official artwork for "Crow Road"

Official artwork for “Crow Road”

The second single we’ve got is Crow Road. This is where you really start to understand what the lads mean by Celtic hard rock.  The intro surprises you starting off with an upbeat mandolin melody and then BOOM the guitar tears off your face, so fucking heavy. Crow Road, like I mentioned earlier really highlights Torous’s niche genre, capturing those Celtic sounds in the riffs and just improving on it by adding some solid heavy metal shred. Big ups to the lads on making such a unique sound, it’s absolutely flawless.

Last but by no means least is Feed The Fire.

Official Artwork for "Feed The Fire"

Official Artwork for “Feed The Fire”

Feed The Fire, In comparison to the other two tracks starts of much slower and more melodic, relying heavily on Marc’s vocal work and the less heavy, but more sinister guitar tone. Feed The Fire again is one of those mash uppy type songs (copyright that shit) I’m hearing elements of Sabbath, Dio, Avenged and you’ve got drum fills to rival Joey fucking Jordison. I want to hear more from Torous in the very near future, and these lads have got what it takes to play along side some of the big boys. I expect to see them on the on some of the smaller stages at Download or Reading + Leeds in the next few years I shit you not. All this talent has to be shared.

Myself and frontman Marc also had a little chat about the upcoming single “Sovereign Son” which will be released in January and the direction the band are going in.

Tell us a little bit more about the new single Sovereign Son, are we staying heavy cause we love the heavy? 

Album artwork for upcoming single "Sovereign Son"

Album artwork for upcoming single “Sovereign Son”

“Sovereign Son” will remain heavy for sure. In some ways as heavy, just a different sort of heavy, more like our first single “Crow Road” where it incorporates a more melodic, Celtic heaviness. Its definitely a Live song as we’ve seen recently.

 You added unique instruments like the Mandolin in Crow Road will we see anymore instruments included in Sovereign Son that are more attracted to your Celtic Hard Rock genre? 

In Sovereign Son it will have a similar sound in style to the Mandolin but it won’t use that instrument (or any others similar) in this particular track. For sure tho – it will make a return.

Who do you take inspiration from musically, are there specific bands or musicians out there that you worship?

Honestly I try not to put any musicians on a pedestal, as we are just humans playing on planks of wood (a stage) at the end of the day, so there are no musicians I worship as such, however I definitely take great inspiration from the likes of James Hetfield (Metallica), Sully Erna (Godsmack), Adam Jones (Tool), Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and Marie O Brennan (Clannad).

You mentioned to me you’re planning on playing a festival in 2015 along side Status Quo, tell us more?

The festival is Lechlade Festival in Gloucestershire in May. Quo are the headliners amongst many great bands, and we are happy to be a part of it. We don’t know much as of yet so please keep to the facebook and website for updates.

If you had to pick a UK festival to play which one would you choose and why?

If I could choose, it’d be Download specifically for the diversity.  Our music is heavy, it is also very melodic and in some cases experimental and I think diverse audiences (those that like heavy and calmer rock/metal) would all appreciate it.

After the release of the new single and your tour plans come into effect, when do you think you’ll start writing songs again? Should we expect an EP or even a debut album anytime soon?

We are constantly writing, in the band and I am at home. We do plan to have some bigger things in the works with an EP in April/May and tour throughout the summer (with more festivals) so keep eyes and ears open for that. After this single is released we feel it’s time to produce that body of work, as we are still fans of the EP/Album format. The batch of songs we have so far are out of this world good! (If I may say so?) So 2015 is gonna be a fantastic year and we can’t wait to show you what we can do. People haven’t seen anything yet.

Time to wrap things up here dudes…

If you haven’t already, fucking check out Torous over at their official website. Check out their singles for FREE on Soundcloud and make sure to like them up on Facebook, and give them a follow on Twitter. They’re a solid bunch of musicians who I believe have a very bright future ahead of them, all the best for the new year lads!!

Luke (@MosherLuke)

Guess what!? Another band approached me on Twitter this week. They’re called The Dark Plains, and they’re an Alt Rock band from sunny Plymouth, UK (bout time we had some Brits on here!).

Officially album art for The Dark Plains EP Come On and Get Some

Official album art for The Dark Plains EP Come On and Get Some

So they guys asked me to review their new EP, ‘Come On and Get Some’ which they sent me via email. So of course, I was happy to give it a blast, and blast it I did! Immediately I was into it, I bloody love the grungy distorted riff in ‘Get Some’, so tight! The great thing about The Dark Plains though, is the amount of variety they can dish out, this band is definitely not your run of the mill one trick pony. ‘I See You’ is like something off a fucking Foo Fighters record, opening with a beautifully soft guitar riff, which gradually grows into an solid rock n roll ballad, real top quality stuff. ‘Dirty She’ (my personal favourite from the EP) i think is like a love child between, Elbow and Royal Blood, capturing that rough sounding guitar tone from Grounds For Divorce and teaming it with the wild, cymbal heavy drum beats, similar to that from Little Monster. These guys really know what they’re doing, they’ve absolutely fucking nailed it.

Judging by the immense effort and hard work that’s gone into this record, I honestly believe these lads have a bright future ahead of them. The Dark Plains obviously have a real passion for what they do, and what more can you look for in a band. You don’t see Dave Grohl or Corey Taylor saying: “making music is just a job to me” do you? Also, it’s really staggering how they’ve managed to blend together such a variety and build their own unique sound, and a lot of people don’t realise how hard that is to do, so fucking big ups to The Dark Plains. Lads you’ve made a beauty here!

Along with the EP review, lead vocalist and guitar player Andy Heath (very nice chap) agreed to have a quick chat with me about how The Dark Plains came to be, and to share their influences and aspirations for the future.

Who were your main influences when starting your band?

“There are so many bands and musicians that I love and admire, but I would say my real influences in writing music range from the grunge and rawness of Biffy Clyro, Sonic Youth and Nirvana at one end, through to the melodic clarity of Kula Shaker, The Jeevas and Death Cab for Cutie at the other. It was after seeing Foos at Milton Keynes in 2011 though that inspired me to create what would become The Dark Plains. That gig was the turnaround moment where I realised I wanted to be doing some version of that!”

I’ve read you’re from Plymouth, how was it getting into the local music scene?

“Plymouth is a tough scene. There are a lot of bands here competing for a small number of venues. And there are times when it seems the crowds out there are after nothing more than a great covers band, of which there are plenty. So we know a lot of other bands writing and performing original material, and we’ve all played our fair share of gigs to the other bands and barstaff! But there is a great little circle of original and unsigned bands in the city and a really good vibe and culture among them. They help each other out a lot, and gig share. Band’s will secure a venue and put on a load of bands and that’s great. Perseverance paid off for us though and we’ve had the pleasure of headlining some great events in Plymouth supporting touring international bands like I Am Giant (Sony NZ) and Colfax (Universal Canada).”

First album you ever bought?
First album I ever bought was Led Zeppelin Two and to this day it remains one of my favourite albums of all time.
What’s the oddest thing that ever happened to you at a live show?
We played a gig in High Wycombe last year, and we’d heard of the venue. Kings of Leon had played there when they started out and a guy we knew from the States had played there on a UK tour too, so it had a great reputation. We also knew it was some sort of strip club, which we thought meant it was next-door to a strip club, or upstairs or something. So when we scoped the place out and turned up to drop our gear off, we didn’t realise we were playing in the strip club, on the pole-stage (minus the pole by then thankfully), complete with mood lighting and red shag curtains!!

Name your music idol, only one!!

Dave Grohl. Absolutely no contest for me. Apart from his obvious musical ability and versatility, I admire his rejection of the commercialism of mainstream music and the industry, and his ethos of keeping the processes of writing, recording and performing authentic and accessible.

Where would be your dream venue to play?

For me, Coachella Festival would be the best! Firstly, open air gigs and festivals are just the best, and California is awesome. It has a great vibe, great musical culture and of course the weather. 

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

We really want to break into the festival circuit and have some level of notable success in that time. In that time we have ambitions to have had some material formally released with a label, but really above all else our main priority is to secure festival slots within the next few years. Locally Boardmasters, Volksfest and LemonFest would be huge for us, and even small stages at Glastonbury or Reading and Leeds. Let’s see what happens, but since forming we’ve put in the effort and had some really great opportunities so there’s no reason why we couldn’t be on the bill at any of these big events in that timeframe.

So my friends, thats my opinion on the new EP from The Dark Plains, Come On and Get Some! If you wanna get your hands on the EP head over to The Dark Plains band page by clicking this link right HERE

Big thank you to Andy and the rest of the guys for getting in touch with me and putting up with my hectic schedule! I wish you all the best for the future guys, hopefully this isn’t the last time we work together either! Maybe in a few years when I’m a pro I’ll be interviewing you at Coachella ey!!

Give the lads a like on Facebook by clicking right HERE! 


Luke (@MosherLuke)

“To live a single day in the fear of someone else’s judgement is a wasted day!” – Jenna McDougall. 

As you can see, I got really close

As you can see, I got really close

So last night I went to one of the most unique and awesome experiences to date. Yes, I like my heavy music, but you can’t beat a bit of Pop-Punk every now and again am I right?! I’ve absolutely adored Tonight Alive (@TonightAlive) since the moment I first heard them, and I’ve had a massive crush on Jenna McDougall (@jenalive11) too, fuck that woman is too beautiful.

I’m gonna get the first part off my chest, I was late to the gig and missed the first support act Mister Nothing, although I did check out their band camp and they sounded pretty good actually, sorry dudes. As for the second band, Moose Blood I think they were called, fucking hell… Yes lads, it was the end of your tour, you’re tired, everyones tired. But c’mon put some bloody effort in man. I’ve taken dumps that put on a better performance than you did last night. The lead singer was awkward and mumbly and barely spoke to the crowd at all. I was actually kinda glad your set was only like 20 mins. One positive though their drummer was awesome. Nice work bro.

But don’t panic, this piece isn’t totally negative, far from it in fact.

First of all, the venue was killer! The place was called Warehouse 34. On the website where I bought my tickets it said ‘nightclub/venue’ so I expected not to be much different from places like the O2 Academy. Oh was I surprised. The place was literally a warehouse, in the middle of an industrial estate, with no interior design as such, just a make shift bar with a few kegs and bottled spirits. A sound booth, that you could fit in your garden shed. A flatpack table from Ikea with the merch on it. An a stage at the back, the light rig was decent though, lots of pretty colours. Yes, it was a bit of a shithole, but it felt so awesome! I got that underground rock n’ roll vibe that you see in documentaries from the 70’s, it was killer! It was real easy to get to the front too, I was inches away from Jenna for the entire set. We got eye contact so many times, I drooled lots. we even held hands, never washing it again.

Let’s segway away from my fantasies and talk about the set shall we…

Really Fucking Close

Really Fucking Close

Tonight Alive in short fucking killed it. Opening with ‘The Edge’, you know the only good thing that came from that god awful Spider-Man movie (bring the hate bitches). Jenna’s live vocals are off the fucking chart. I saw them at Slam Dunk Fest 13′, but the room was packed and I didn’t get the best spot, but even then I enjoyed them. This time though MY GOD SHE’S GOOD. Honestly I saw Paramore at Leeds Festival 12′ and thought that Hayley’s vocals were shocking. Given that they’ve recently co-headlined Reading + Leeds last year, give it a few years and a couple more studio albums, Tonight Alive are gonna be fucking huge in a few years time, trust me.

Other pop-punk bangers in the setlist were: ‘ Listening’, ‘Wasting Away’ ‘Hell and Back’ and ‘The Ocean’. Seriously guys what is it with Aussie bands and the nautical themes, Parkway do it too! Don’t care love it. They even slowed down the mood by playing us a little love song called ‘The Other Side’ (awww). The setlist was almost perfect to be honest. They closed with ‘Lonely Girl’, and I fucking love the drum intro to that track, I air drum it EVERYTIME, no shame. Although they did miss out two of my favourites: ‘Breaking and Entering’ and ‘Thankyou and Goodnight’. I would’ve expected them to play them in an encore, but we didn’t get one. Something about driving to Paris right after the show or something. *sadface*

I really love this shot

I really love this shot

I think being in such a small venue, with such a genuinely nice group of musicians like Tonight Alive was fucking incredible. They were so down to earth and cool, they cared about their fans, and didn’t care that this wasn’t the biggest show they’d ever played. They gave it everything. I really hope to see Tonight Alive on this years Reading + Leeds lineup, maybe even Download, they deserve it. Hope to see you guys again soon!

Well that’s my thoughts on Tonight Alive, don’t forget to follow MoshNet on Twitter (@MoshNetBlog) and you might as well follow me (@MosherLuke) while you’re there.

Thanks for reading as always you guys rock!

Also I’ve just made a  YouTube channel for MoshNet, It’s brand new and not at all polished but you can find it HERE check out the videos I shot from Tonight Alive. It’s mainly so I can upload and embed videos I take from gigs into these posts, although I might try my hand at some vlogging. What do you think? Drop us a Tweet to have your say!

Luke (@MosherLuke)

One again another band, have approached me on Twitter asking me to check out their latest material, and being the sound guy that I am, of course I did. This time it’s Versus Me (@VSMEband) with (A)Tension!

Band logo for Versus Me!

Versus Me hailing from Madison, Wisconsin

So it was actually while I was queuing up for A Day To Remember that I got a direct message from Versus Me’s lead vocalist, James Milbrandt (@JamesMilbrandt) asking me to check out their new video. James is a good lad, and I promised him I would give it a blast and do a little piece on it, so here you go buddy!

So, the track!

I dig it! Versus Me and a brand new band for me, I’ve never heard any of their material before this track so I really didn’t know what to expect. Although, I did think they’d have to be pretty killer to get someone like Escape The Fate’s Craig Mabbitt (@craigmabbitt) on board for guest vocals. First, we’re hit with to guitarist Patrick Wilson’s (@VSPATRICE) melodic vocals which are spot on, it’s actually all very tranquil for about 40 seconds..

Then BOOM!!

James’s vocals are fucking huge! What we’ve got here ladies and gents is a seriously talented screamer, fuck it’s like the dude is possessed by Satan, on point stuff. (A)Tension, for me, reminds me a lot of bands such as We Came As Romans (@wecameasromans) Yashin (@TheYashin) who perfectly mix the amount of clean and heavy vocals to create an awesome metal core anthem, complete with a catchy chorus (I already know the words) and a heavy as fuck breakdown so you can go wild. Also big ups to Guitarist Clint Greendeer (@2Clints) bassist Lee Milbrandt (@lee_milbrandt) and drummer Dustin Helgestad (@DustinHelgestad) those drums fills man, so sick. You guys are fucking awesome and have a bright future ahead of you keep it up!

So what did you think of Versus Me? Awesome right?! Give the video a watch if you haven’t already i’ll leave a link to it below, you can also download (A)Tension through Versus Me’s bandcamp, just one click away.

Don’t forget to follow the lads on Twitter their links are scattered throughout the post, and like the band on Facebook by clicking right HERE!

Thanks for reading guys, and thank you Versus Me for giving us this opportunity, it honestly means so much.

Luke (@MosherLuke)




I’ve been so pumped for this gig ever since I bought the tickets all those months ago. But my friends, last night was the night, and what a fucking night it was. 

My night started at about 02:30pm, blasting A Day To Remember from my iPod dock, literally everything from ‘And Their Name Was Treason’ to ‘Common Courtesy’ I was so ready for this fucking show. Last night was actually the only stand alone gig I’d been to in 3 years! I’ve been to a few festivals and seen a lot of massive bands but my life was lacking some small venue awesomeness, and oh did the O2 Academy deliver. I loved everything about it, literally everything from the 3 mile long queue, to the piss-sticky floors of the gents restroom, It’d been far too long.

Outiside the O2 Academy Newcastle, it was a tad nippy.

Outiside the O2 Academy Newcastle, it was a tad nippy.

Like I said the queue was massive, like proper huge. We actually went back to my buddies car to sink a few beers before heading in. It was either that or stand outside for an hour like a moron, and I’m getting too old for that sort of behaviour now. By the time we had drank up and headed back to the academy, the queue was definitely longer, but it was moving which was a start. I couldn’t help but beam at everyone I walked past, I was fucking buzzing. The queue was a wash of different A Day To Remember t-shirts, not many hoodies though, like I said, morons, you kids will catch your death!

By the time we got into the venue the first band, Decade (@decadeofficial), were already playing. They sounded great, their sound guy deserves a round of applause cause we could hear them clearly whilst in the queue for the cloak room, we did miss the majority of the set but what we saw was awesome, they were a more than worthy opener for the bands to follow. They got the crowd pumped and played a damn good show, nice guys too. I met lead singer Alex (@alexsears_) and guitarist Joe (@joemarriner) after the show and got a cheeky photo, I’ll post it further down. Nice work Decade! Hope to see more of you guys soon!!

Me looking slightly pissed with Alex and Joe from Decade!

@MosherLuke looking slightly pissed with Alex and Joe from Decade!


Next up were Lower Than Atlantis (@LTAmusic) who I’ve liked for quite        some time but have never had the pleasure of performing live before. I had great expectations for LTA and was so looking forward to their set, and I tell you what, they took those expectations, and fucking smashed them. Right away from opening with ‘Love Someone Else’ the crowd was electric. Mike’s (@MikeDuce) vocals were ON FUCKING POINT, his voice is so distinctive and he rocked the crowd. I can’t imagine how good it must fell to have thousands of people sing your songs back at you. Lucky, lucky man. LTA’s set just went from strength to strength, ‘Criminal’, ‘Emily’ and ‘English Kids In America’ had me dancing like an absolute loon. They killed it no doubt about it. But the cherry on this sweaty, alcohol fuelled cake had to be ‘Here We Go’, they played it so fucking loud with all the lights flashing and the crowd was bouncing and singing along, it was perfect, bloody loved it.  I was lucky enough to catch the intro on my iPhone which I’ll stick down below (don’t expect Spielberg I wanted to mosh). Again I can’t wait to see them again, hopefully they’re at Download or Reading+Leeds next year, you guys deserve it.

Both Lower Than Atlantis and Decade did a top quality job warm us all up, by the end of LTA’s set I was high on life, I was loving every fucking minute. But now it’s time for the big top, A Day To Remember hit Newcastle, and they hit it fucking hard.

@MosherLuke pre gig, ticket in had, repping sick ADTR merch.

@MosherLuke pre gig, ticket in hand, repping sick ADTR merch.

As soon as that music stopped, the screaming was monumental. I swear to fucking god there was this girl next to me, about 5ft 4”, practically a hobbit, she almost made my ears bleed. As ADTR walked out the crowd went batshit, and they didn’t waste anytime getting started. BOOM! ‘Downfall Of Us All’, there was confetti, lights, moshing, they blew my fucking head off. The best thing about seeing ADTR is that you can tell they genuinely LOVE playing shows, I’ve never seen a band enjoy themselves so much. They were on fire. ‘2nd Sucks’ was well, in a word. COLOSSAL. There were bodies everywhere, my testosterone levels were off the charts! (HULK SMASH). I managed to catch a 10 second clip on my phone just before the breakdown, again it’s not much but there was no way I was missing that mosh pit. ADTR’s set just didn’t give in, anthem after anthem, I’m talking ‘Right Back At It Again’ ‘City Of Ocala’, ‘I’m Made Of Wax’, ‘Monument’. They just didn’t give in, they gave it everything.

This set just screamed CRAZY, and honestly it got better and better. Jeremy McKinnon (@jeremymckinnon) was possibly the most loved human being on the face of the earth last night. The reception that dude got from us fans was breathtaking, and again, these guys fucking deserve every inch of respect they get from people like us. They’ve busted their balls for a lot of years to get where they are today, and they aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon. ADTR’s “final” song was fan favourite ‘All I Want’ from 2011’s ‘What Separates Me From You”, but they weren’t fooling anyone. We had so much more to give.


Luckily for us they gave us three! ‘If It Means A Lot To You’, ‘All Signs Point To Lauderdale’ and ‘The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle’. ‘If It Means A Lot..’ was great, It also gave me a chance to shout: “WEEEELLL” at the top of my lungs, and Jeremy fucking shouted it back, I was in stitches. You should’ve seen Kevin’s (@kevineffinskaff) face was priceless, “like dude what the fuck?” For the last two tracks, myself and the rest of the crowd gave it everything, I couldn’t take anymore videos because my phone had died, but that gave me no excuse to dance my fucking ass off. Then before you knew it BAM! Confetti streamers everywhere, that was time. I was gutted!!

@MosherLuke post gig, with his sweet new ADTR Tie Dye

@MosherLuke post gig, with his sweet new ADTR Tie Dye

Leaving the venue, I can’t remember the last time I was in such a good fucking mood. ADTR rocked the house down, as did LTA and Decade. They revived my lust for live music and I can’t wait for my next show! 1st December, Warehouse 34, TONIGHT ALIVE BITCH!!

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What is up my people!? MoshNet is back after a slight absence, you know uni deadlines and what not.. but while we have been away there has been some BIG FUCKING NEWS from the people behind Download Festival, the headliners are here!!

Download Festival 2015 Friday annoucement

Download Festival 2015 Friday announcement

First of all, I think every man and his grandma had a sneaky little feeling that Slipknot would be on the bill, and sure as hell they’re confirmed to close the opening night. Too most this is brilliant news, and don’t get me wrong I FUCKING LOVE SLIPKNOT, but I can’t help but be a little disappointed. Let me explain. The last time I was at Download was 2013, where Slipknot also headlined. Download13 was my first time seeing the Iowan metal heads and I absolutely loved it, it was insane. So much so, that as soon as I heard that Slipknot’s new Prepare For Hell Tour would be hitting the UK, I jumped at the chance for a ticket and got one straight away. After seeing the new stage show which debuted at Slipknot’s very own KnotFest, and how awesome the new masks and new members fit into the mix, I got so god damn excited for January.

Me and my pals had been guessing at who was going to be announced for Download before the first names dropped, and we were throwing around names like Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch (called it), and we were specifically saying, I kinda hope it’s not Slipknot… But fuck it what the hell, no doubt after that show in January I’ll be itching to see them again, and I’ll fucking love it. As for the rest of the Friday announcements, I’m sold!!

Five Finger Death Punch were phenomenal in 2013 and they have lots of new material to play this time around. Judas Priest are one of the heavy metal giants that I simply must see, I need to experience the wrath of the Halford. Next on the bill is Kentucky rockers, Black Stone Cherry. I fucking love these guys, I have done since the early days, and every possible time I could’ve seen them, I’ve missed out. I was praying they would be returning to Download next year so I can finally see them bust out a killer show, and thats what I plan to do.

Now, Saturday…

Download Festival 2015 Saturday announcement

Download Festival 2015 Saturday announcement

To be honest, I was very bummed out about this headliner. Really guys, Muse? Yes they have had numerous decent tunes over the years like: Supermassive Black Hole, Plug In Baby, Uprising.. theres a fair few. I’m just not feeling it for Download. I honestly think Muse would be better suited at Reading & Leeds. I will eat my Nike SB beanie if I end up seeing Muse and love them, just they didn’t live up to my expectations, I really wanted it to be either AC/DC, Foo Fighters or someone like Machine Head. But Robb shot that dream down prematurely. Bugger.

I can imagine some people are going to crucify me for what I’m about to say, but the announcement of Faith No More returning didn’t tickle my man parts either, they’ve never really been a band I payed much interest to. However, I did listen to the new track “Motherfucker” that dropped today, I thought it was garbage, freedom of speech yo. Marilyn Manson and A Day To Remember were a pleasant surprise mind. As much as he creeps me out I think Manson is an absolute genius in what he does, and I’d love to see him perform As for A Day To Remember (who I’m also seeing this Sunday and I’m very excited) I think it’s about time they were on the main stage at Download. The reception they got on second stage in 2013 was fantastic and they played an absolutely killer set featuring bangers such as: All I Want, Downfall Of Us All and Violence (Enough Is Enough).

Finally, today’s announcement made me a bit cross to say the least…

Download Festival 2015 Sunday announcement

Download Festival 2015 Sunday announcement

After hearing a certain Mr. Simmons claim that rock is dead a couple of months back, I’d be even more pissed if I was one of the other acts performing at Download before KISS close the final night. I can imagine that Corey Taylor will have a few choice words to send Simmons during their Friday show, because we all love that CT sass. Now, obviously I acknowledge that KISS are a logical choice for a headliner, due to their immense contribution to rock and roll history, but again I’m not that bothered, sorry chaps. I can imagine KISS to be the act I catch the end of after the second stage headliner has ended, and I’m totally fine with that, I wouldn’t feel like I’d missed out at all.

The rest of the Sunday acts though made me very happy! Mötley-fucking-Crüe I was bouncing. Crüe are one of those old school giants I simply have to see live, I’ve had Girls, Girls, Girls as a part of my getting ready for a night out playlist for ages now, proper bad boy rock and roll, I’m stoked! Also, the success massive success of Apocalyptic Love and the more recent World On Fire, Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators are a must see. There’s something so badass about Slash’s guitar skills and the monumental vocal performances of Kennedy, that just make me feel like a god damn rock star man. I fucking love it, get me there now.

And last but by no mean least its UK giants, Enter Shikari. Shikari are no strangers to rocking a good festival to it’s fucking knees. I remember seeing them at Leeds 2012 (although I did leave halfway through for Billy Talent, sorry lads) and the crowd went absolutely apeshit. With the new Shikari album “The Mindsweep” dropping in January I’m sure there’s gonna be some colossal tunes ready to shake the ground of Donnington Park, and I’m itching to clap along to “Sorry You’re Not A Winner”.

Well, that’s as much as I can work with. Download Festival 2015, what do you think? Will you be attending? Or has that beautiful HellFest lineup enticed you too? Who else would you like to see at Download Tweet us!!

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First of all, Isn’t Twitter fucking fantastic, MoshNet have only been on Twitter officially for a few weeks and we are already connecting with bands from across the planet, it’s fucking great. 

So, lets get down to business.

Tempting Fate are a metalcore band from LA and their bassist Matt Campbell (hella nice guy by the way) direct messaged me and asked if I would be interested in checking out his bands album, and I thought: “Sure, why the hell not!” You can find Matt on Twitter @RiefeTF.

My first impressions of the album were literally, Whoa! Tempting Fate

The opening track “Questions” features a sinister Synth opening with a similar eerie sound to that of Motionless In White, (who i’ve actually been quite into lately) and then BOOM, these heavy as fuck vocals come out of nowhere!! Vocalist Cory Beecher has some serious fucking pipes and delivers some brutal screams and growls along with some melodic vocals on other tracks such as “This is a Warning” and “Get Up”. Cory’s vocals remind me a lot of the late Suicide Silence singer Mitch Lucker, and his vocal range is something to be fucking proud of, well done son!

But wait there’s more…

This album is mixed beautifully, Illusions is an absolute must to any heavy music fan, c’mon the lads are giving it to you for free and it’s top quality stuff what’s your excuse not to? Guitarist Shane Beecher’s riffs and solos are monumental, on of my personal favourites is the solo on “Get Up” not gonna lie guys, I lost my shit. Fucking Awesome. Drummer, Austin SinClaire makes me green with envy (that’s right I drum too!) If you like fast powerful drumbeats, you’ll fucking love this guy, check out “Filthy” for some mental double bass skills. Don’t worry Matt I haven’t forgot about you, Matts bass in the breakdowns just makes me wanna jump in a pit and go apeshit, and I hope I sometime get the chance to do so at a live show, get your asses to the UK boys!

So my verdict,

I honestly think that Illusions is a good solid metalcore album. Illusions offers a surprising amount of variety over the 8 tracks which is awesome, I never felt like I was listening to the same song twice. Illusions has a permanent slot in my iTunes library and I guarantee if you guys give it a bash it’ll end up in yours too!

If I had to pick a top three favourite tracks I would have to say Filthy, Get Weird and Get Up.

To get your hands on ‘Illusions’ follow Tempting Fate on Twitter @TemptingFateBnd like them on Facebook HERE and download the album 100% free of charge at http://temptingfate.bandcamp.com

Solid work guys and I hope to hear more from you in the near future, take care and stay metal.


It’s been an agonizing 6 YEAR absence since 2008’s “All Hope Is Gone” was unleashed. Fear not though my brothers, 2014 is the year that the Knot return, and they’re back with a bang. 

As I’m sure you all know, the last couple of years have been a total roller coaster for Slipknot, with the tragic loss of beloved bass player, and founding father of the band, Paul Gray back in 2010. And more recently the shock departure of long term drummer Joey Jordison in late 2013, lets just say things were looking pretty fucking shitty for the lads from Des Moines.

Album art for .5: The Gray Chapter

Album art for .5: The Gray Chapter

But, nevermind the doom and gloom, let’s get straight to it. The new record is here, and it’s fucking massive!

Slipknot stunned us all with the release of the first single “The Negative One” which rekindled that sadistic Slipknot essence that has been missing for so god damn long. “The Negative One” was the first Knot track to feature the two new members. The new bassist and drummers identities were supposed to remain unknown with the pair also having identical masks and no signature number unlike the rest of the band. However, you keen eyed bastards managed to identify the bassist as Allesandro ‘Vman’ Venturella of Krokodil, due to his unique hand tattoo which he flashed in the music video for the second single, “The Devil In I”. As for the drummer, many fans have speculations that it’s former Against Me drummer, Jay Weinberg due to various Twitter feuds with ex-band mate Laura Jane Grace, which referred to Slipknot and his “Shitbag” attitude (her words not mine Jay son).

“The Negative One” brought back the signature Slipknot sound, from the ominous groans of the intro to the rapid drum beat and slick guitar riffs, it’s fucking awesome no doubt about that. I love the fact that Craig and Sid are used heavily in the mix with the track featuring lots of scratching and hellish sound effects, making it very reminiscent of tracks like “Wait and Bleed” and “Spit It Out” from their 1999 debut album. “The Devil In I” I think followed the more melodic route, as seen on albums such as 2004’s “Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses” and 2008’s “All Hope Is Gone”. “The Devil In I” shows off vocalist Corey Taylor’s impressive vocal range and  the sinister tone of the new record, and that intro gives me chills every fucking time. The video was pretty damn brutal too.

After the first two singles were out there that was it, the train was officially in motion and had fans like me positively moist with excitement.

The next track to be released was “Custer”, which immediately gave me that grin that says “you crazy motherfuckers”. There’s no hiding it, “Custer” is insane. It’s fast, loud, and sounds like it has one of those goats that fucked with Taylor Swift featuring. What more could you want?! “Custer” really took me back to the chaotic sounds of 1999’s self titled album and the equally monstrous “Iowa” from 2001. By this point, I knew this album was going to be huge, and it was about fucking time too, I along with all you other maggots out there have needed this for so long.

Upcoming "Prepare For Hell Tour" featuring Korn and King 810

Upcoming “Prepare For Hell Tour” featuring Korn and King 810

“.5: The Gray Chapter” offers a surprising amount of variety through each track, which I think shows the journey Slipknot have been through as a band and how they’ve evolved as musicians as they’ve aged. For instance, one of my personal favourites from the album, “The One That Kills The Least” gives us melodic clean vocals as well as Taylor’s raw screams and growls, the guitar work on this track is also beautiful and heavy as fuck all at the same time. “Goodbye” reminds me of the slower and more emotional side to Slipknot that we don’t see very often. I will say “Snuff” still holds the top spot for most emotional Slipknot song, however “Goodbye” starts off very slowly with a great amount of mystery, which builds up and seamlessly bleeds into another headbang anthem, “Nomadic”.

This album is honestly a masterpiece, I hate myself for reading into too much shit online about how: “it will never live up to their previous work without Paul and Joey”, I’ll admit as the release date crept closer I was questioning “What if it sucks?” I don’t know how I even dared. “.5: The Gray Chapter” is one of of those albums I simply can’t get enough of. I’ve literally sat and wrote this review with it blasting in my ears. I can’t wait to see how Slipknot perform at Knotfest and to go crazy when they come to the UK with Korn and King 810, as part of the “Prepare For Hell” world tour.

So what do you think of “.5: The Gray Chapter”? Leave your responses as a reply below, or Tweet us @MoshNetBlog. Thanks for reading guys, take care and stay metal.